“The hot new band from Natchez…”


“a blend of rock, soul, and blues that is sure to appeal to fans of 70s rock. This is an album that is best enjoyed as loud as you can stand it.”


“If you’re looking for some seriously good Southern rock, look no further than Bishop Gunn. The Natchez, Miss., four-piece draws from the best parts of the genre — like white-hot guitar licks, wailing harmonica, and big, soulful vocals — and kicks all the bad (Confederate flags, for instance) to the curb.”


“It’s a potent blend of countrified rockers and soulful grooves, solid songs, electric guitars. And a singer who means it.”

“With its eleven powerful tracks that pay tribute to the swampy southern blues of their origin, edged with gut-punching rock n’ roll, the album represents the sound of the South as they know it. We can’t get enough.”


“The music itself is a twangy, deep-throated mixture of Otis Redding and Led Zeppelin, Houndmouth and The Allman Brothers Band. Even McCready said he finds it difficult to put their sound in one genre.”


“Performing swampy southern rock that sticks to the ears like the Delta’s gumbo mud, their music hits the soul in the way the great music from the Magnolia state always does.”


“Its 11 songs rope gospel, country and of course blues into a sound that is as much a Stones-style refraction of the Southern thing as it is the thing itself. But it’s nitty-gritty enough.”

“This band rocks and they rock hard. Equal parts country, blues, funk and good ole rock & roll. Bishop Gunn put on a rousing performance that opened the eyes of many attendees; including mine.”


“With a tasteful use of southern’ grit, a funky horn section, and a voice that is reminiscent of what your father got you hooked on growing up from his collection of classic rock, Bishop Gunn is a rising Nashville rockstar ready to become a household favorite.”

“Pulverizing the devoted crowd with a fierce performance.”

“Sounds Like: The best of the southeast — a little Nashville Twang, some Memphis-ippi blues, and a whole lot of Muscle Shoals soul.”

“Anyone can cite the Muscle Shoals sound as an influence, but few acts can actually pull off making music worthy of such a claim. Nashville band Bishop Gunn is one of those acts… The resulting music is the perfect blend of Nashville and the Shoals, and is the rare album that builds upon its influences rather than resorting to outright mimicry.”


“The sound: Bluesy, sanctified Southern rock.”


“The Delta blues meets rock and roll quartet embody the spirit of the South and the new wave of the Muscle Shoals sound on their latest album, Natchez.”


“Pumping the crowd up with a sweet Zeppelin cover and their own ‘60s vibe-kinda rock originals, Bishop Gunn delivered a sweat-stomping set of good old fashioned rock and roll, which was well received.”